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It’s our mission to treat all of our participants with respect – to treat them like we want to be treated. We promise to be honest and open with you throughout the recruiting and screening process. At no time will you feel pressured into participating and you can withdraw your consent at any time.

What you need to know about participation

No individual, internal or external to our organization, can guarantee your participation in one of our clinical trials. You are randomly assigned to a trial based on your medical evaluation, among other things. Under no circumstances should you give away a portion of your compensation to a third party. The compensation is strictly given to you in exchange for your participation in a study. No Alta employee will ever request a portion of your compensation. If you are approached by someone offering to secure your spot in a study in exchange for part of your compensation, immediately report the incident by contacting a member of our recruiting center.

When you first open a file with Alta, we ask only for information needed to process your request and help us find studies that may interest you and correspond to your profile. You will be asked for basic identity information: name, date of birth, BMI, and a brief medical history. Any information that can impact your ability to participate in a trial will be discussed with the appropriate Alta staff member who evaluates your eligibility to participate in our studies.

Most studies conducted at Alta are for “Normal Healthy Participants”; that is, males and females 18-55 with a BMI of between 18-30 and with no significant medical history (ex. cancer, major surgeries, cardiac events) or concomitant medication. Some studies limit who can participate, only needing, for example, females, non-smokers or individuals from specific ethnic backgrounds. We make every effort to explain the reasoning behind these restrictions, but for the most part, it’s related to the safety of the medication being tested.

You will also be asked if you'd like to receive communications from us that will keep you informed of upcoming studies. You can, of course, ask to be removed from our mailing list or call list at any time.

What we ask of you

Once you have selected a study to participate in, we ask that you respect the screening appointment time so that we can proceed with your visit as efficiently as possible. Our target is to fully complete all of your screening requirements at your first visit. Please note that the time will vary depending on the screening activities required for each study. Your punctuality plays a key role in our ability to attain these goals. Help us streamline the process for you and your fellow participants. If you are unable to make a screening appointment, please inform us by calling the recruiting center. Rescheduling your appointment will be easy.

You may also withdraw your participation in a study at any time, during the screening visit, follow-ups, or even during the last follow-up visit, However, during the recruitment phase, in order for us to better manage our studies and offer the spot to another participant, it is crucial that you contact the recruiting center to inform us as soon as possible:

Please note that at all times you may leave a message if an Alta representative is not available

The consequences of not repecting these policies are outlined in the table below.


Our goal is to maintain a relationship built on trust, respect and professionalism. We advise all participants to follow the rules and regulations handed out during the screening process. Please make sure that you are familiar with these rules and regulations, as they are designed to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Please note that Alta employees and other participants must be treated with respect at all times. Inappropriate or offensive language and improper or aggressive behavior may impact your eligibility for future clinical studies at Altasciences. All such cases are reviewed individually and will include input from the principal investigator, as well as the participant advocate. Should this happen, you will be informed in writing of any action taken and that action will be documented in your file.

Return visits and follow-ups

Return visits are part of your commitment to participating in a study and part of your compensation.

These visits are as important as any of the other activities performed during your clinical stay. Please respect the times scheduled for your return visits. Should you be late or unable to attend, please contact the recruiting center to inform us of the change. Recurrent late arrivals or no shows for return visits may impact your ability to participate in a future clinical trial.

Follow-up visits are for your safety. If you’ve been asked to come back for follow-up, it’s because the physician in charge of the study wants to ensure that everything is OK with you following participation in the trial.


In order for us to provide you with a better experience we need your feedback. We appreciate any suggestions and comment you would like to contribute via our suggestion boxes located in the clinics or via our call center. We also have an annual participant survey the results of which, together with the contributions from the suggestion boxes, forms the basis of our improvement activities. In the past these have resulted in upgraded WiFi, new TV`s, new clinic decor and even new blankets and pillows. Lets us know what you think: we are listening.

Screening visit and check-in times

If you can’t make your scheduled screening or check-in appointment, please call us.

Call center: 913-213-2970

Opening hours: Mon-Friday 7:30am-5pm.

Please make sure that you check your commitments carefully once you receive the study calendar at screening to ensure your availability.

Study compensation

You will be compensated for your time and any inconveniences related to your participation in the study. You will receive a sum of money at predetermined times during your visits to the clinical site (including return visits, if applicable) and the balance will be given to you upon discharge from the clinic after your last stay.

If you do not complete the entire study, the amount you receive will depend on the portion of the study you completed, even if the study is cancelled or stopped by the sponsor or Altasciences.

If you complete the entire study, you will receive an additional amount for having completed all study activities, having provided all requested samples and having attended all follow-up visits. If you miss an appointment or if you do not stay until the end, we will consider you as not having completed the study.

You will be required to respect the clinic’s rules of conduct while you are participating in the study. If you do not follow the rules, part of your payment may be withdrawn.

You will not be compensated for any delays or cancellations before the first dose is administered.


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