Study Module - Ajax Study Detail

Healthy Participants (T26) (G1)

Gender: Male and Female

Smoking habit: Non / Ex-smoker only

Pot smoking

Age: 18 - 59 years old


BMI : 18.00 - 32.00

Clinic stay

  • 31 Jan (07:00) to 18 Feb (12:00)

Return visits

  • 27 Feb (07:00)

Participants must be available to stay at our clinic for all of the dates listed above and/or in the notes below. All clinic stays and return visits are mandatory. Times are subject to change.


MUST BE: A healthy non child bearing adult between the ages of 18 to 59
1 stay of 19 days/18 nights and 1 outpatient visit.
Medication: Multiple dose.
Special study requirements: High fat breakfast that must be consumed while in house
You will receive $150 after completing the medical exam.
8 hours fasting required prior to medical exam. Don’t forget it’s important to drink lots of water prior to your medical exam. Fasting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep hydrated!
Blood volume: 399 mL (approximately 1.5 cups).
Your medical history and/or medication intake history may affect your participation on this study.

This is preliminary information and changes could occur without notice