About Us

Vince & Associates Clinical Research, an Altasciences company, has been providing clinical research services to the global biopharmaceutical industry for 15 years. We offer clinical pharmacology expertise to guide and support development plans when entering into clinical trials.

As a leading, full-service clinical pharmacology research facility, we have extensive expertise in the execution of a wide range of Phase I/II studies, especially complex clinical pharmacology trials in healthy normal volunteers and patient populations.

We differentiate ourselves with our boutique hotel-like facilities that contribute to our success with subject recruitment and retention. We have become one of the premier US clinical research sites by utilizing The Physician Research Model® of operation. Our study teams are led by highly experienced Principal Investigators intricately involved in all aspects of the clinical trial process.

Our expertise, access to an extensive spectrum of special populations and high-quality research services have been fundamental in the award of five year contracts with both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the National Institute on Drug Abuse.